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A Healthy Community 
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The Health Creation Network wants to change the narrative around who has the ability to support a healthy community and inspire thousands of local community members to become health creators.

Our Vision and Mission


Flourishing rural communities where everyone has the opportunity to contribute to a healthier local ecosystem.


To support, surface, connect, and celebrate every community member's ability to be a health creator.

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What is a Health Creator?

A Health Creator helps improve their own health and the health of their community. They use their skills and strengths to make life better for themselves and others. By doing small and big things every day, Health Creators build strong connections with people, feel more confident, and take charge of their lives. They create a healthier environment at home, school, and work, making their community a better place for everyone.

Our Impact


Micro-grants awarded to support local health creation projects, directly benefiting hundreds of individuals.


Community members engaged with health creation activities, including the Brave Dreams Project and the  Fun Run.


Health creation stories shared through social media and events, highlighting personal and community transformations.

Brave Dreams Project

Connecting community members through art and shared dreams.

Asset Mapping

Identifying and utilizing local resources for health creation.

Strengths-Based Social Prescribing

Empowering individuals through community connections and support

Sharing Health Creation Stories

We celebrate health creators' stories to inspire others to realize their potential, build connections, and enhance community health through videos, articles, and social media

Our Partners/Supported by

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We are an organization designed to change the narrative around who has the ability to support a healthy community and inspire and support hundreds of local community members to become health creators.

In doing so, it is our mission to help as many people in our communities build a sense of control, connection, and confidence ultimately leading to improved health and wellbeing.

Our Model

Our healthcare systems are overwhelmed and our healthcare providers are exhausted. Now more than ever we must challenge the paradigm that it is solely up to health professionals to “fix” us.
We believe that we must invest in the health creation potential of individuals and communities in order to grow more resilient and robust health ecosystems.

Our model focuses on Asset-Based Community Development, leveraging local strengths and fostering control, contact, and confidence to empower individuals and communities for better health and well-being.

The Three C's

Our model emphasizes the Three C's: Control, fostering self-sufficiency; Contact, encouraging meaningful connections; and Confidence, building self-assurance. These elements are crucial for creating empowered, resilient communities where individuals actively contribute to their health and well-being.

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The Five Practices

Five key practices guide our approach: Listening and Responding, to understand and act on community needs; Truth-telling, to address root causes; Strengths Focus, to leverage individual and community assets; Self-organizing, to encourage local initiative and solutions; and Power-shifting, to empower communities to take control of their health outcomes.

Meet Our Team

Our dedicated team is the backbone of our mission.

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Orion Falvey



Jonny Cantrell


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Eric Park 



Emily Hambelton


Join Us in Creating Healthier Communities!

Your support can empower individuals and communities to enhance their well-being. Every donation helps us create more health creators, foster stronger connections, and build a healthier future for all.

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